JustSpotted was set to be the ultimate in dream websites for celebrity stalkers. It was to use feeds from Twitter and other social sites in order to essentially display a near live itinerary of celebrity’s whereabouts. However, having falsely represented themselves to Twitter in order to gain access to the social network’s firehose of Tweets they have been unceremoniously dumped.

Twitter had previously worked with real time search service Scoopler and had agreed to grant them access to their “firehose” service. This service is offered to big organisations like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo, and Twitter was offering the service to a select handful of smaller companies including Scoopler. However, the change from Scoopler to a more celebrity specific service did not seem to sit well with Twitter.

Following the announcement that JustSpotted would not be granted the access to Twitter they first imagined, chief executive AJ Asver said that the agreement had in actual fact been for Scoopler and that JustSpotted was not going to use the special feed; it would instead rely on publicly available APIs. As such, he says that the service will still be able to run as expected.

The site is set to launch any day and will be similar in some respects to the Gawker Stalker site, which was roundly criticised. JustSpotted, too, is enjoying some bad press at the moment which is almost certain to win it some visitors when it does open its doors.

Will you be visiting JustSpotted when it goes live?