There’s almost a limitless number of social networks online and as soon as you find one that you think might be worth a look, another few pop up to take your attention. If you’re a book loving teen then Penguin owned Spinebreakers may be the ideal alternative or addition to Facebook.

Spinebreakers the entity already exists though it is not a social network. However, it could be considered a social media website as it does enable aspiring young critics to review or write about their favourite or indeed least favourite books and authors.

Penguin believes that Spinebreakers can become a lot more than that – in fact, they’ve gone so far as to say that it could be the answer to future proofing the book industry.

As ebook readers become more popular and less expensive, and as there is greater access to electronic books, magazines, and other reading materials, the whole book reading industry suffers and Penguin obviously sees things as getting worse.

There will be branded promotions on site but the new social network is not considered a commercial venture; rather it is seen as Penguin as being a means to encourage youngsters to read more by giving them greater power over the content of their social network.