The whole debacle concerning Facebook and some of its third party apps collecting and sharing data with third parties has come to light once again this week as Facebook tries to point out that it really didn’t anything about the whole thing.

A post was placed on the Facebook developer blog on Friday saying that app developers had been found selling information to an independent data broker. As a result, the developers in question have had their accounts suspended for a period of six months.

The post also said that the developers would face future audits for the information and data they do collect and said that the suspensions affected less than a dozen, smaller developers. None of them were involved in the creation of any of the top 10 apps on the site at the moment.

There was no indication as to who the data broker was, but Facebook has said that they do not approve of such services because they apparently undermine the kind of service that users have come to expect.

Considering the extent of the security breach and just how much of a furore it caused for the social network we think the developers in question are lucky to have only been suspended from the site but this is likely because the site has said that the brokers did not manage to collect any personal information.